Some mold clean-up jobs are small enough that you may wish to try it yourself; however, if you find that you have a bigger job than you are comfortable with, then call the professionals at Space City Window Cleaning. We work with mold on a daily basis and our technicians are quite comfortable with the remediation process of all sorts of mold problems.

There are many steps involved in the mold remediation process. Below is a general guideline that we follow as we tackle our jobs. The whole process may vary in the length of time, due to the size of the job or the location of the mold. The steps are basically the same, though, for all mold jobs.

-Locate the source of the problem and fix it:  Mold grows anywhere there is dampness. Try to figure out what makes the mold grow in the first place and see if you can fix the problem. The source may be a water leak, inadequate ventilation, or sitting water that needs to be removed.

-Isolate the moldy area:  Once the cleaning process begins, mold spores may become airborne. In order to prevent the spread of mold, isolate the area as you perform the cleaning process.

-Clean:  Remove mold by using a detergent, vinegar solution, or an on-the-market mold cleanser. A wire brush may also be needed for stubborn areas.

-Throw out contaminated items:  As you clean the area, throw out any used cleaning supplies, as well as items you have removed that have mold on them. Placing these items in plastic bags prior to disposing of them is the best practice.

-Dry Thoroughly:  Allow the cleaned surface to dry completely. You may use fans or a dehumidifier to speed up the process.

In conclusion, cleaning and removing mold is not a fun thing to do, but it is necessary to do in order to prevent further mold growth. Contact your local mold remediation specialists for further information.

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