There are certain places that mold commonly grows, such as window sills, basements, and behind taps. However, mold might be growing in places that you wouldn’t expect which means you can’t watch for it and it might continue to grow until it is a real problem. To make it easier for you to keep an eye on these places, we have compiled a list of the unexpected places mold could be growing in your house.

Air Conditioners

This is one of the worst places that mold because then you are allowing spores to circulate through the air. Mold grows here because the AC unit traps dust and debris as well as moisture and if the unit isn’t run at least once every 24 hours mold will start to form. If it is a central AC system, you will have to hire a professional. However, if it is a simple unit, you can just open the front of the unit and clean it out with a bleach and water solution.

Front Loading Washing Machines

You may think that you are preventing mold from forming in your washing machine by letting it air out between loads but there’s a good chance you aren’t doing it well enough. The rubber seal that is right by the entrance of the washing machine is a mold breeding ground because it traps moisture and it is not somewhere that most people think to clean. The best way to prevent mold is to wipe out the rubber gasket between washes. If you end up getting mold growth in there, you can simply run a hot water load with bleach in it to get it out.

The Base of Your Toilet

This is actually a very common place to see mold growth because of how much moisture ends up down there. You probably won’t notice it even though you go in there everyday simply because of how dark it is at the base of your toilet. The best thing you can do if mold starts to grow here is to clean it frequently using a bleach and water mixture as well as trying to keep the area as clean as possible.

Your Dishwasher

You may think that somewhere that is so often used to clean would not grow mold but unfortunately there are many small areas and connectors that will be a breeding ground. Running a hot load with vinegar can help to prevent the growth of mold.

If you are careful and diligent, you should not experience unwanted mold. If you do, and you catch it early enough, you have a better chance of being able to get rid of it easily enough. If not, you should hire a mold remediation specialist who will be able to take care of the problem for you. Contact your local experts for more information!

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